Help! I Should be Writing But Don’t Know What to Say

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You’re an expert in your field. Some might even call you a thought leader. But if you’re not getting your thoughts on the page, you can’t lead.

The trouble is: you can’t seem to sit down and write. And when you do try, you stare at a blank page, paralyzed about what to say.

Been there, done that, my friends; you’ve got a case of good ol’ writer’s block. Even professional wordsmiths like yours truly grapple with this little demon. Once in awhile. Um, ok, fine: quite a bit.

Fear not. You can tame that wild creative brain of yours that’s bucking like a stallion. I recently shared some musings on this topic with She Built It: if I can trouble you to click one more time, check out a few of my trusty hacks and mental tricks here.