We innovate your marketing and sales so that you can innovate your business sector.

Hi, I'm Shanna Belott. I started preDiction to help innovators grow their businesses through thought leadership. If you want to redefine your marketplace, your marketing must define your authority to do so.

But creativity alone isn't enough. A strong CRM game is the difference between driving leads or talking to the void. A hodgepodge of sales and marketing tools will get you nowhere.

For more than 20 years, I've been building startup brands, producing websites, and developing content and collateral related to healthcare innovation, technology, venture capital, digital media, social impact, and TV and film. I've also been an active HubSpot user for more than a decade. I'm so passionate about the effectiveness of HubSpot over its competitors that I became a HubSpot Solutions Partner. My goal is to help clients scale their sales and marketing  and unite their teams around a single source of data.

The name “preDiction” says it all. “pre” refers to planning: what comes before. “Diction” refers to clarity: stylistic expression through the use of words.

That’s how we approach our work: 1) Set up your CRM and build or optimize your website, then 2) Fuel your marketing and sales engine with clear thought leadership that drives leads.

I love helping innovators shape their stories and grow their businesses. I personally manage every project and support you with a handpicked team of experts in the precise specialties required for your engagement. Whether you need help with HubSpot onboarding, creating and marketing thought leadership content, or ongoing consulting with marketing and sales execution, I'm here for you every step of the way.

Get seen. Be heard.
Get seen. Be heard.
Let's rev up your thought leadership.

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